Are Loose Outlets Making You Nervous?

Hire us for professional outlet repairs in Austin, TX, & surrounding areas

We've all experienced a loose outlet when unplugging or plugging in an appliance. You may even close your eyes, expecting a little zap. Rather than live in fear, call ATX Lighting for the outlet repairs you need. Our Austin, TX company will ensure your outlets and switches provide safe and reliable power. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and keeping you and your property safe.

Reduce the risk of shock or fire by calling 512-537-4442 to schedule service for your loose switches and outlets.

Replace your outlets with a modern model

ATX Lighting offers outlet installations to replace loose switches and electrical outlets. All replacements are GFCI compliant and come equipped with test and reset buttons. These modernized outlets are safer than their older counterpart and help prevent electrical shock. The electrical code requires GFCI outlets in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kithcens
  • Outdoor areas

Keep your property protected and up to date. Call now to schedule professional outlet installations in Austin, TX, & surrounding areas.

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